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Windham Software Release Notes

This release notes gives information specific to each version of the application on improvements, new features, and known issues. See the Windham Financial Software page for an overview of available features.

Released 12/20/2012

  • Fixed: Report generation no longer forced to landscape mode (default template orientation is portrait).

Released 12/3/2012

  • Updated: Excel Link add-in compatibility for Excel 2007 / 2010.

Released 12/1/2011

  • Fixed: Empty vector validation when opening a case file with unspecified min or max allocation bounds
  • Updated: Excel Link add-in

Released 9/8/2011

  • Updated: Yahoo connectivity address to match new Yahoo API address

Released 6/24/2011

  • Updated: Historical Performance custom report template

Released 6/21/2011

  • Fixed: Update PSN Time Series database manual link click event
  • Fixed: Internet update for PSN Time Series database link

Released 6/6/2011

  • Fixed: DataAccess library for Time Series Utility for backward compatibility of custom databases
  • Improved: Text / disclaimer updates to default custom report templates

Released 5/24/2011

  • New: Support for PSN Database
  • New: Excel Link support for the Enterprise module
  • Improved: Removed redundant state calculations in Wealth and Income Analysis
  • Improved: Loading and saving of (large) case files
  • Improved: Various smaller fixes and stability enhancements

Released 3/10/2011

  • New: License key code support for more features
  • Fixed: Stability fix on initializing MAC address for licensing on startup
  • Updated: Probability of Loss table heading label (missing % symbol)
  • Updated: Investment Policy Statement pie chart label title to “Asset Allocation”

Released 2/17/2011

  • Fixed: Stability to custom reports screen when launching new thread (GridEx control instability)

Released 2/9/2011

  • Fixed: Reporting templates for Trailing Returns (table labels were previously flipped)
  • Fixed: Stability to the Black-Litterman views dialog when using duplicate asset class names
  • Improved: Search string filters in the asset selection screen

Released 1/18/2011

  • New: Ability to paste transaction costs in optimization configuration
  • Fixed: Reporting templates for wealth and income analysis presentation
  • Fixed: MCR log files will only be created for diagnostic purposes

Released 12/23/2010

  • New: Support for N-Portfolios (up to 100 user-defined portfolios)
  • New: Support for up to five selected portfolios in reports
  • New: Report template designs
  • New: Conditional Value at Risk statistics in Exposure to Loss
  • Improved: Various user-interface interaction enhancements
  • Improved: Various smaller fixes and stability enhancements

Released 12/14/2010

  • New: Half-life indicator for exponential risk
  • New: Added support for WPA Excel-link
  • Improved: Stability for Time Series Excel Add-in date range import

Released 9/23/2010

  • New: Enterprise support for custom location for the Windham Time Series database
  • Improved: Turbulent risk analysis report templates, chart axis labels

Released 7/20/2010

  • Fixed: Portfolio risk in the Efficient Frontier report template table

Released 7/14/2010

  • Fixed: Annuity horizon parameter is no longer binded with investment horizon in Income Analysis
  • Fixed: Empirical Risk Budgets and VaR Sensitivities result (presentation) in data grids
  • Fixed: Restored importing (paste) cash flow schedule notes
  • Fixed: Black-Litterman estimates loads when the Windham Market Portfolio is selected in the absence of client defined market portfolio weights
  • Improved: Define Taxes interface
  • Improved: Cumulative portfolio rebalancing algorithm
  • Improved: Cash flow parameters are retained when adding new instruments to a case file

Released 4/7/2010

  • Improved: User experience in error-handling
  • Improved: Portfolio Reallocation Analysis report templates

Released 4/5/2010

  • New: Windham Market Portfolio for Equilibrium Returns and Black-Litterman Returns
  • New: Institutional cash flow type spending and disbursement specification for the Windham Portfolio Advisor
  • Improved: Yearly data processing for Quiet-Turbulent chart

Released 3/17/2010

  • Fixed: Instability on Higher Moments screen when loading case files with data frequency other than monthly
  • Improved: Windham Software Time Series Excel Add-In, stability fixes

Released 2/16/2010

  • Fixed: Black-Litterman views indicator for long-short views

Released 2/10/2010

  • Fixed: Missing data point representation (NaN)  since Matlab Component Runtime version update
  • New: Turbulent risk custom report templates with value at risk and probability of loss scenario analysis
  • Improved: View specifications in the Black-Litterman framework
  • Improved: Historical (geometric) calculations in custom report templates
  • Improved: Various user-interface interaction enhancements
  • Improved: Various custom report templates with additional result tables

Released 1/12/2010

  • Updated: Formatting on custom report templates
  • Improved: Processing simulations for custom reports

Released 12/18/2009

  • New: Support for 64 bit operating systems (Vista and Windows 7)
  • New: Support for Chinese (Windows) operating system
  • New: Upgraded Matlab Component Runtime (7.11)

Released 9/22/2009

  • Critical updates to the summary of portfolios report templates
  • Fixed: Copy / paste data interface to the Time Series Utility
  • Improved: Date algorithms on the Return and Risk screens
  • Improved: Minor user-interface enhancements throughout the application

Released 8/17/2009

  • Critical updates to custom report templates

Released 8/12/2009

  • New: Access to the Windham Knowledge Base from the software
  • Improved: User-specific file permission management for Windham related data files
  • Improved: Custom report template formatting for multiple portfolios
  • Various smaller fixes and improvements

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