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Unable to Uninstall Old Version

Error message when upgrading the Windham Software: Unable to uninstall old version of Windham Software. Please uninstall it yourself using Control Panel Add-Remove Programs before attempting to install this product. This action is only valid products that are currently installed.


Another user on the same machine has installed the Windham Software using a legacy (version or earlier) install kit while selecting the option install for “Just Me”. After version, the new and improved install kits automatically tries to install the Windham Software for all users. Security restrictions might prevent the install kit from properly removing the installed legacy version.


  1. Download the legacy install kit (v2.0.0.2032) here
  2. Unzip and run the legacy setup kit
  3. Select “Everyone” in the installation path screen, this is a crucial step LegacyInstallKitScreen.png
  4. Once the legacy installation is complete, run the new (current) upgrade install kit from Windham

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