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Time Series File Workflow

The following describes the workflow of managing custom time series database(s) between the Time Series Utility and the Windham Software


Why have an additional Cache File?
The cache file produced/processed by the Time Series Utility optimizes the xml database to be read by the Windham Software. This enables the Windham Software to extract time series efficiently when building case files.

Can I edit the Cache File? (Can I Add/Delete/Update a Time Series in the Cache File)?
No. The cache file can only be read by the Windham Software. The master file is used to maintain (update) the database. Upon update, the utility will automatically save and produce a corresponding cache file.

What is tsdocument-prop.xml?
This is the default (blank) custom database that ships with the software. Clients may choose to use this as a starting point to create and maintain their custom database or choose to create a new database file (at any location).

What can I name my Custom Time Series Database as?
You may choose any name for your custom database subject to the same restrictions as the file naming conventions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. E.g. “My First Custom Database.xml”, “Hedge Fund Time Series.xml”, “EUR Assets.xml”, etc.

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