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Network Resource Unavailable When Trying To Install Matlab Compiler Runtime

Received a “The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable” Windows Installer error dialog when trying to install the Matlab Compiler Runtime v7.11 and it’s prerequisites.


There are a few reasons this may be happening.

  • You are installing a software program from a resource, such as a network server, that becomes unavailable during the installation.
  • When Windows extracts the contents of the setup file into a temporary system folder, the pointer to the location becomes corrupt or unavailable to the host setup program.

Set up the Matlab Compiler Runtime and it’s prerequisites manually by:

  1. Verify that the setup kit is saved on a local hard drive
  2. Run the setup file (e.g. MCRInstaller.exe)
  3. Run the command console “cmd” from the Windows Start menu
  4. Type (execute) the following commands in the command console to find the correct location of the extracted .msi file

  5. cd:\
    dir *Matlab*.msi/s

  6. Return to the Windows Installer error dialog
  7. Browse to the location result in the command console and hit OK

This error message may be applicable generally to any/other software, it is not restricted to just a particular software package.

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