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How to Use The Windham Excel Add-on

The instructions below will use example data to create two custom time series, “Mutual Fund 1” and “Mutual Fund 2”  Repeat these steps to create custom time series for your own data.

  1. Highlight the range of cells that contain your data.  In the example below, highlight A18:C32.  Note, the date column must be the left most column in the range and the names of each series must be the first row of the range

  2. To use the fast method, select from the “Windham” menu “One click load”.  You should see a message indicating success and proceed to step 6.  The alternative method is to choose “Load time series” and proceed to step 3

  3. The form will open and automatically set the frequency, data, data and series name fields.  You may click “Show Optional” and set the remaining fields.  Verify that the database is set to the time series file you wish to update.  If not, press the “Choose Database” button and select the correct file.  Or press “New Database” to create a new database

  4. On the form, press the button titled “Step 1 - Load Data”.  Note that your new time series now appear in the list near the top of the form

  5. On the form, press the button titled “Step 2 - Publish to WPA”.  This will publish the time series to the Windham Software

  6. From within the Windham Software, under the “Time Series” menu choose “Locate Custom Time Series”.  Select the same time series (database) as that chosen in step 3


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